Sunday, January 25, 2009

Zhenders SnowFest

We went to the snowfest in Frankenmth yesterday!! It was absolutely FREEZING!! It was so cold my feet were numb. There were tons of people there, which i expected. The ice and snow sculptures were very neat. I am glad I got pictures because at the time we were there it was very hard to just stop and look at any one for very long. We were so very thankful for the beautiful sunshine! It is totally amazing what they can do with snow and ice. I want to know how they got the ice frozen in big enough pieces to carve? I get the snow part, but the ice is stumping me.

We went with friends from church that asked us to go. Little Sophia was peeking out of her blankets! She was probably the warmest of all of us! Kelly stopped for an amazing cookie and some hot chocolate! Austin, Emily, Danny and Abby posed in front of a sculpture for me. We had a good time. It was also nice to go back to Brook and Tammy's house for chili, and other amazing food and be warm!

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