Saturday, January 24, 2009

We Wanted a Shot!!

Elijah had us up at 6:30 this morning! He is sick! I kept him home from school on Thursday because he started complaining of a sore throat and he was coughing. Yesterday he seemed okay during the day.

Last night we went to Pastor Matt & Kelly's for dinner (Thanks Kelly for the wonderful stuffed peppers, the were awsome!) and he sat in the chair at about 9:30 and just started crying. He had a fever and was not feeling well at all.

I ran to rite aid and bought childrens cough and could and also ibuprophen. I got back to Matt & Kelly's place and gave him the cough and cold medicine only to have him start crying and let it all fall right back out of his mouth!! He was sticky, and I was sticky and crabby. Matt & Kelly had a nice little show of how children are not always sweet little angels! Don't worry, We are always willing to provide the entertainment when we are invited to dinner. You provide dinner and we will take care of the show! :)

This morning at 6:30 his fever was 102.5. He was crying to swallow water! I realized that being Saturday I would either have to take him to the clinic or ER. By 7:30 I decided that it was stupid to wait another hour and a half to take him to the clinic when we were all wide awake, so off we went to ER. That is where i was praying for a shot!! I did not want to have to fight with medicine for 10 days. Didn't happen. The doctor decided not even to do a strep test because he felt he would just give him an antibiotic anyway. Elijah hasn't had an antibiotic for probably over a year so he felt he should go ahead to kill any bacteria that was there or might be coming.

Usually when our kids are sick we take them to the chiropracter first, and then wait to take them to the other doctor after. None of our kids have had to go to the other doctor in a year or more!! Dave and I haven't been in 3 or 4 years!! We love Dr. White (our chiropracter) he keeps us healthy with regular adjustments and always prayer!!

Pray that the medicine goes down easily for the fun 10 days that are ahead of us!

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Jessica D. said...

No fever for Autumn but a sore throat this weekend. Hope he fells better