Thursday, January 29, 2009


I tell Emily that she, just like the boys were (and still are) the desire of my heart! I know God had a plan and I prayed for a daughter when I was pregnant with her. With the boys, I prayed for boys, with her I prayed for her. I remember the day and time that God gave me the peace of knowing that He was answering my prayer. At the time I didn't tell anyone, I left that between me and the Lord.
Emily loves tap. She took this fall off but plans to attend again next fall. It really seems to be "her thing" she is a natural.
She is in 5th grade and gets all A's. She makes it look easy. I say she gets that from her dad, I did good but it didn't come as easy for me as it does for her.
She would be the most responsible of my children, some say that comes with being the only girl. Either way I'm thankful.
She definately keeps us laughing!!! She is the one with all the humor in our house. Most of the time she is also the one who just annoys her brothers to the breaking point!! When there is an "issue" with the kids usually Emily is in the middle of it! Sometimes the boys just have to walk away, especially Austin!!
We are proud of her love for Jesus! We see her show the love of God to those around her, at school and church!

Emily is our princess! Yes, we have only one and she lets everyone know it. I love to photograh her in just about anyway! She is much more on the smaller side. Austin got all of the big genes in our family. She is going on 11 yrs old and the last jeans I bought her were a size 8 slim! I tell her to pray everyday that she stays little!

It is truly a blessing to have our Emily!

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