Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Fun!

We had the awesome privelidge of hosting the Senior adult dinner for our church this year. We had a great meal at PJ O'Briens (a cozy banquet room in town). We played games, sang songs, and had the kids participate by being Santa (Austin) Santa's helper (Emily) and Rudolph (Elijah). They passed out gifts to everyone and ended up being a huge hit! We were quite proud of our kids.

We had about 40 people there and those "senior" adults really know how to have fun!! We were glad that our kids were able to share in this special night and realize that "grandpas & grandmas" are amazing people and have alot of love, wisdom and laughter to share.

I know that is a night that none of us will soon forget......especially our kids!
The DQ on the way home from mom, just to say "Thanks for helping out" didn't hurt either!!