Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I am amazed at my Austin! He is such a wonderful big brother, I always knew he would be. He is so good to Elijah. Austin has the biggest heart.

He is a bit of a comedian, he is always making us laugh.

Unlike Elijah, he is actually willing to show affection to his sister! He is actually kissing her, Elijah says he wasn't really.

Austin is doing very good in school, all A's and B's. We are proud of his ability to be responsible and get good grades. He is growing up so fast! (I know every mom says that, but it's true!) He is 5'10" and around 155lbs. He is built very solid! He towers over me, it makes me a little sad.

We feel very blessed to have such a great kid. We are seeing his spiritual growth as well. He is involved in the youth group and growing in God. We pray everyday that he will continue in the path that God has set for him.
He has taken up the saxaphone (what else!) in band at school. Soon he will hopefully be playing in church! He played a duet with Dave at Christmas that was awsome, a very proud moment for all of us!

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Jessica D. said...

Austin is huge! He must be taking after his Grandpa Dan.