Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day at Aunt Dawnies!!

We got to se Chad! We dont' get to see him often becuase he lives in Springfiled, MO.

We played games after dinner. Coriann and Michael were having alot of fun!

Ryan slept all day long!! After dinner he was out like a light and then got up to go to bed at around 7pm.

We all went down to Aunt Dawn's house around 1:30 for Christmas dinner! We got to see Aunt Dawn, Uncle Jeff, Coriann, Michael, Chad, and Ryan.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Morning

This is the kids when we found them at 7:30 am! They like to all sleep in Emily's room on Christmas Eve, another tradition! Actually they have all been sleeping in there for the past 3 nights. Dave told Emily last night that she could not get up until 7:30am! She said she was awake at 6:50am but she was kind enough not to wake the boys until 7:30 SHARP!

Austin got a 700 piece legos and an x-box! We actually surprised him! He is learning that the older you get the less, but more expensive the presents get!

Elijah got a new V-smile! A new and improved one that you can download games off of the internet on it. Also a cars camping set with a tent and a sleeping bag. He also got Wall-E for his v-smile and his response (as usual) was "I knew it"!

Emily got an ipod! She was very excited! She got out a case for it the night before, JUST INCASE santa brought her one! No pressure there!

We were very proud of our kids!! This year was a very nice Christmas for them. There were not as many gifts this year as in years past but everyone was very thankful and realizing just how blessed we are!

Christmas Eve

Stella enjoyed all the festivities! She was all ready for a Christmas celebration!

Grandma got a new glove and scarf set! We new she had lost her scarf at the dollar store. What we didn't know is that she went to Walmart on the way to our house to buy a new scarf for herself! Now she has two and a lady can never have enough accessories.

Grandpa got a new hat that says "Don't forget my senior discount!" We thought it was a perfect fit for him!

Wow! What a night and morning! Austin, Emily and Elijah all got new Christmas pj's. That is one of our traditions. They get to open them on Christmas Eve. This year I think we did well, they all loved them.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Isn't he beautiful! Just messin around trying to figure out how to blog! this is my Elijah!

Sleeping Beauties

Last night all three kids slept in Emily's room. They think that this is a good idea until Christmas! Dave and I were sitting in the living room upstairs while they played games downstairs all afternoon! We realized at that moment that THIS was why we bought this house!Thank God for the basement!