Friday, May 22, 2009


We had an amazing time in Chicago! We enjoyed every minute of getting away, by ourselves! God was so gracious to us in many areas. Every day we saw His hand in the things that we experienced. This was a trip we won't soon forget. We are already anxious to go back!!

This was our hotel room in Chicago. We absolutely loved the hotel! Very friendly staff and the amenities were great. They even gave us free parking for all 3 days we were there. That was awsome! God already had his hand in the little things. We stayed by the O'hare airport which was nice, each day we rode the rail into the city. It was nice to get out of the city at night and be in a little quieter area.
We ate at Giordano's Pizza as soon as we got there, after checking in to the hotel. This Pizza was amazing! Our new favorite pizza ever. We were quite hungry after the 6 hour drive and neither of us had eaten since breakfast. When we got there they told us a 20 min wait, then she just turned around and said "I'll seat you now". We had a nice little corner booth, couldn't have asked for anything better. We looked back to see about 50 people come in right after we were seated! Thank you Jesus!! Then, she said our pizza would take 40 min. We prayed it wouldn't take that long, and, yep 30 mins later we were eating, yay!!

We loved the sights of Chicago! It really is a beautiful city. What a relaxing time to just walk the streets and take everything in. Yes, we did do a little shopping! When we were walking down the streets we were able to minister to a lady who had lost her subway ticket. She was quite destraught and was asking us for only $5 to get another subway ticket to get back home after being in the city to visit her son in the hospital. We never give people money, never!! We will buy them food or gas, but never give money. This situation was different. Dave and I were both in full agreement to give her the money. We just knew she needed this help and felt that God put us in that spot for such a time as that!! Everything that led up to us being there right at that time was definately God!! We were both so thankful for the Spirits voice to confirm what we needed to do, no doubts!

Shopping was quite fun. This is Macy's! 8 floors of shopping, almost Heaven on Earth. Dave actually had fun as well. He just could not get over how much "stuff" was in this one store, and to think - there were 2 Macy's within 2 miles of each other. We did find some really good deals!

We also ate at the Cheesecake Factory! YUM!!! Another one of our new favorites! A 14pg menu, crazy! We shared a salad and it was PLENTY! Plus who can pass up the cheesecake, We shared that too, we had turtle!!

We went to the Hershey's store! So much fun!! Of course we LOVE chocolate! This was so neat, this was one of the times we wished we had the kids!

We went to the Hancock tower which had amazing views. 95 floors up! I did feel a little queasy, at times. Didn't like getting too close to the window.

This was navy pier, it was beautiful. We were so thankful for the amazing weather God blessed us with. What an amazing time. We are so thankful for the time away. We are also very thankful for Annie watching our kids so we could go away and relax with no worries!!


lace said...

Those are great photos of you and Dave at the Cheesecake factory. We also love that place. Turtle is our favorite, great choice. Great memories!!

Jessica D. said...

That was me, i was signed into lace's account!