Saturday, February 28, 2009

Chore Night

Thursday night's at our house is chore night. Elijah picks up Stella's toys.

He also straightens up the entryway shoes! He does his own room too!

Austin's responsibilitiy is the basement, his room and the living space. Vacuuming and straighting things up. He also does the stairs.

We all do our own chores. Emily does the bathrooms. She is also responsible for her own room. I just love to see the kids working, it makes me so happy. Emily also dusts, yeah! When we all work together, it all goes so much easier. Then the mom is happy!!
I have waited a long time for my kids to get to the age where they can truly help around the house. They have helped for years, but now it ACTUALLY helps! I don't even have to go behind them and redo things!
The other thing that could be happening is maybe I'm getting a little older and a little more relaxed. I think maybe I'm realizing that the most important part is not always having a spotless house, but having a house that is a haven for our family, where the family is more important than the house!!!

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