Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's been a long time!

I haven't blogged since Chicago~ That is crazy!

I've been busy:

Since school got out I have been spending alot of time at the church. I've been trying to get a crash course in some things that Kelly has been doing because they will be moving. I think I am pretty good to go, I'm sure everything will be just fine. God knows what we have need of and I'm confident that He will bring someone our way to take over some of these responsibilites in His time. If not, then He will work out my time so that I can continue with them as needed.

Praying that God will direct us as we continue to look for the right person (people) to come and serve in the ministry with us.

Planning future events, church picnic for one.

We are working on our landscaping for the summer. That has taken a back seat. Have to get going on that.

Dave is doing a Quick-fix on the deck. We really need to replace it but don't at have the funds right now.

We are checking in on Daves mom and dad, daily. Dad is recovering from a hip replacement. His mom is having some physical problems right now. So some of our time is spent there. We are happy to be able to help, just trying to find that delicate balance with everything.

We've been going to our church softball games to show our support. Sometimes 3x a week. We've been having fun. It's a nice relaxing down time.

Can't really think of much more that we are doing. I know there is more, with the church, there is always something going on. I have to do better with my blog. That's it for now....busy summer so far!